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Firewall & Security

From Anti-Virus to Firewalls to firewall as a service. We have you covered when it comes to your security and data protection. The reality is that your data is more valuable than you think, fraudsters are becoming very creative with the ways they utilise information for personal gain. Threats are very real both external and internal and a comprehensive data security plan is essential for every organisation to minimize a crisis and to recover from one. Give us a shout for a full audit so we can ensure you are protected against the filth that is trying to exploit you and your valuable information.

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All About cloud offers the following firewall and security services:

  • Firewalling - Fortinet Protection
  • Threat detection
  • URL filtering
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Desktop and server anti-virus
  • Security policies
  • Mobile device AV and management
  • Web services security audit
  • LAN security audit
  • WAN security audit
  • Attack and penetration testing
  • Mail spam filter and security
  • Backup and disaster recovery

7,000Computers securely protected by our firewalls and antivirus offerings
150Online secure servers serving the world one bit at a time
150kSpam emails and phishing attempts blocked per day
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