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VoIP Telephony

Companies all over the world are taking advantage of the cost savings and quality enhancements they get with telephone extensions that are hosted in the cloud. The scalability and free on-platform and interbranch communication tethered with centralised technical support and config is making these types of phone system a no-brainer for any company. They are efficient, cost effective and convenient.

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Simpler Management
Due to the PABX switchboard hardware sitting in the cloud, a telephone technician simply logs into it from his computer to configure any issues or to setup extra extensions. No call outs and no waiting. Problems can be immediately addressed, and solutions implemented within minutes of enquiry. Setup changes like new voice recordings or on-hold messages, IVR setups and call routing can be done over the phone or on chat with a support agent. We use your existing network infrastructure to setup the new fancy hardware. Support is our winning ingredient, you can contact any of our existing clients right now to decide.

Flexibility and Scalability
Adding additional or removing phones/extensions from your telephone system is as easy as a phone call. We simply add the extension in the cloud and ship you the phone, Voila. You can grow your business from 1 to 10 000 extensions no problem.

2,23mCalls made on our systems per month
3,000 Cloud PABX capable peripherals installed and running
50%The amount you will save on your monthly Voice Bill
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